Tips and Tricks for Dancers

Truth About Me and my dance routine

I am broken. I am guilty. I am alone. False. I recently competed with a dance routine to the song Truth About Me sung by Mandisa. It has been a journey as it usually is with a dance routine. So much time is spent on the steps and choreography. Then into...

Ankle Stretching and Strengthening Improves Dance

We all know stretching is important before we dance. However, we (OK, I) often neglect to stretch our feet and ankles even if we're diligent about stretching our legs, etc. A few stretches that are good for your feet include heel lifts and squat exercises. These will...

Custom 3D Memory Dress

A dear friend and supporter of ours Megan Bailey Gill has used her gift of creativity to capture the memory of wearing an amazing dress. She can take a photograph of a dress and recreate it as a mini 3D dress. [gallery columns="4" type="slideshow"...

How to Care for Ballroom Dance Shoes

Satin dance shoes are beautiful but they do tend to show dirt and water marks more than leather. Caring for your shoes properly will prolong the life of your shoes, keep them looking beautiful and make them more pleasant to wear along the way!

TIPS To Prepare for Your First Showcase

Everyone’s first showcase is full of equal parts nerves, excitement, fear, eagerness, dread, and anticipation. And that’s just thinking about your own dance. Your mind isn’t even on what you will need to take and do to get ready. Here are a few tips to help you navigate your first showcase.

Rising Stars in Ballroom Dancing?

DDC DANCESPORT NEWS Rising Stars in Ballroom Dancing? Debi Camp, Co-Owner DDC, Nashville August 17, 2016 Dance Dress Consignment went to Greenville Dance Challenge this weekend. We had such a fun time! There were many competitors that were fabulous dancers. The...

Washing a Ballroom Dress – Is it Safe?

Have you ever wondered –can you wash your dress? Is it safe? What will happen to the stones? I have always been cautious myself and until recently had only washed the body suit. The cost alone of a designer dress makes washing it pretty daunting. Add expensive stones...

How to Care for Your Ballroom Dress

How to Clean Designer Ballroom Dresses Rule Number 1: Prevent as much damage and odor as possible before you put your costume on! Spray Tan, while making you look beautiful on the floor, will ruin your dress! Spray tan is difficult to wash out and will significantly...

False Eyelashes: Caring for Falsies

False eyelashes are part of the ballroom look (and secretly one of the things we LOVE about ballroom dancing!). You can purchase eyelashes fairly in expensively (see previous blogs) but even purchasing drugstore lashes and only using them once will eventually add up....

False Eyelashes: How to Apply

10 Tips for Applying False Eyelashes Like a Pro: 1. Practice makes perfect -don't wait till your event to try to apply the first few times! 2. Items needed: eyelash glue, tweezers, toothpick, eyelashes (see post on How to Buy EyeLashes) 3. Curl your own lashes and...

False Eyelashes: Buying Tips

Buying False Eyelashes Expensive is not always best! Start with less expensive brands to practise with such as Ardell or Kiss. Look for human hair or mink (they take mascara better!) once you have mastered the basics. Next find the right shape and size that matches...

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